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    We wondered why she chose that name to begin with, but then we took a closer look. Just gaze into her eyes for a moment and you’ll see that this bright, young and talented Russian doesn’t look too different from the famous Melissa! In her younger days of course. Our Melissa is much more readily available to you gentlemen however of course, and we’re pretty positive you’re going to be blown away by this tall, green-eyed beauty when you meet her in person. Melissa is a big fan of extended bookings when she gets to show her clients just how much more fun they can have with her, the longer they stay in her company. Be careful, this Russian should come with a health warning; she’s very addictive!

    1 – hour: € 300.-
    2 – hours: € 500.-
    3 – hours: € 700.-
    6 – hours: € 1.000.-
    12 – hours: € 1.500.-
    24 – hours: € 2.500.-